viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

from flats to pumps

Truth be told I’ve never been into fashion. Truth be told, I’ve never really had a style of my own*. Truth be told, I’ve never really cared. 

I’ve never really cared up until now. 

As you know, I just recently moved to Barcelona and EVERYONE, every single person [yes, even those that look slightly retarded] have style coming out of their ears. Probably not a style I would necessarily carbon copy reproduce, but style nevertheless.

Tons of beautiful girls with perfectly toned legs redefining the ‘hot pants’ concept. Weird heels, crazy hair, a gazillion piercings and a super feminine walks are my everyday sights. [yes the Sagrada Familia is still there] [and yes, I do know about the architectural importance of the city I live in]

Everyone wears anything and everything looks good. It must be the big city air. That being said, one might assume that I look good in whatever I’m wearing. But NO. I don’t. I look like an immigrant. You can tell my experience with winters is the 2 week Christmas vacation my family has been sponsoring since forever. It’s truly obvious. I promise.

Anyways, my mom taught me that when there’s a problem all you have to do is look for a solution and keep a huge smile. And I must admit that this is probably the hardest solution I’ve had to find to date**. And as I said before, fashion has never been my favorite topic, and of course, there’s the whole self confidence issue: as you might –or might not – know, I used to have a fit and tanned body, and beautiful long hair; I currently have neither. Therefore, looking for a solution [defining my style] while not feeling 100% with the way I look*** is a nightmare.

So, instead of whining to you, all of my blog’s 6 followers, I have started working out, eating healthier and doing the hairgrowth dance every 2 hours. Simultaneously, I’m trying to feed off this A-MA-ZING vibe and checking out the new trends on all of the stores I see and trying on the things I like best.

I have noticed that most probably my lack of style comes from the whole ‘yeah, this [just] looks ok,’ ‘who cares?' and 'no one really cares’ we say to ourselves while at the dressing room. So, from now on, I have decided that I will only buy things I love. No more OKs for me :) 

Any suggestions on style defining?


*  Well, there are the completely, absolutely and utterly non-negotiable oversized white shirts. Those are as important as breathing, eating, walking, or anything else one needs to survive. I wouldn’t know what to wear if they didn’t exist.

**No, I’m really not that vain, its just the problem-of-the-day.

***Don't go picturing me as fat as a cow and with a Trinity style haircut, no. What I mean is that I’ve felt better.

2 comentarios:

  1. q rico* que BARCELONA TE INSPIRA !!!

    try this site ... is my FAVORITE for street style ideas ;) { } and you can narrow your search by style: trendy, classy*, basic, business casual, vintage ... etc*

    i think you are pretty classy* & preppy! ... i do believe you have a style of your own ... but is fun to play with them !!! !!!



  2. We all been there, just do what you love!!!!!!
    Ademas no creo que eso sea un problema never foget who u are and embrace yourself, porque realmente a nadie le importa y a quienes le importa no tienen vida propia o pensamientos propio, ponte lo que te gusta y haz lo que te gusta. UN BESOTE PA TI