viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

because it's easier when it is not supposed to be perfect

Well, I got a pretty amazing camera to capture every whimsical moment that would cross my path. Turns out that for one of these professional cameras to take a Vogue cover worthy picture you need skills that kills, a good eye for a good composition, and a very complex knowledge on apertures and times. I don’t have the skills, the eye, the knowledge, nor the patience to read about them.

Seen my irrefutable laziness, I decided to get the Diana Wide Angle Lens, the fisheye will soon follow. For those who don’t know what is the ‘Diana,’ the Diana is a plastic, very low cost camera that was a ‘novelty gift’ during the 60’s with leaking light and soft focus. In time professional photographers adopted this camera due to the vintage look it gives the images [the same effect/problem technology has tried to solve during the last 50 years. Thank you.].

Anyways, I, the very lazy, amateur and skill-less photographer, have decided to get a Diana lens and the corresponding adaptor for my camera because it is easier to get a cool picture when it is supposed to look vintage, soft focused and maybe, just maybe, weirdly exposed.

Hope you can appreciate the i) soft focus, ii) over exposition, and iii) 'vintage' look in this one picture.

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